Project Management Software: Challenge in All Areas

December 27, 2008

Daiv Russell

Project Managers are totally responsible for the project which is assigned to them. Moreover, they are also liable to clients, team, and company if something bad happens with the project.

No matter the size or type of company, project management software is essential in today’s fast paced business world. Project management software will ensure that any and all project information necessary will be available to all parties involved in a project when they need it. The information can be presented in various formats, such as Gantt Charts, Pert Charts or reports, and accessibility can be controlled depending on what function each member of the team is responsible for, from simply viewing pieces of information to editing and updating entire projects.

The schedule can be monitored throughout various phases of a project. The budget and the risk for the company, as well as the client, can also be analyzed. Some project management software will allow you the ability to identify individual accountability in different stages and tasks as well as the general flow of communication. To organize, document and supervise projects efficiently, it is essential to have project management software.

Project management software sometimes limits the customer to specific views of the timeline, Pert or Gantt Charts, or to particular development stages in the project, while work plan owners have more access to matters relating to tasks and business concerns. The software might be web-based, which provides better backup and maintenance security which doesn’t depend on what they have at their end. Nonetheless, if their organization requires it, project managers may prefer keeping their projects close in-house, even on their own hardware.

While all PM’s are aware that as projects come to completion, the sense of urgency increases, making it a bit more of challenging to identify individuals responsible for particular jobs, the completion of tasks, or just unintended communication gaps due to time constraints as everyone focuses on deadlines. Everyone, at every stage of the project lifecycle, benefits though utilizing and training employees to utilize this type of software. When the pressure is on at the end of the project, not only will information be readily available, but managers will save time in identifying possible lags in the process and how to direct communication to the individuals necessary to address the issues. This makes for far more efficient use of everyone’s time and company resources.

Lastly, after the project’s completion, the software allows managers to easily assess different employee’s ability to manage their individual tasks and timelines, to get a better idea of their trade skills brought to the project, as well as their time management skills and interpersonal team building skills. All in all, like many other types of software, project management software is now essential to the success of all project managers, regardless of the size of the project or the company.


Daiv Russell is a marketing and management consultant with Envision Consulting in Tampa, Florida. Consult these resources to learn more about Gantt Charting, Pert Diagrams, and Project Management Software.

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