How to Choose Project Management Software

January 1, 2009

Groshan Fabiola

In today’s business environment everyone needs Project Management tools. And professionals who manage Projects are called Project Managers. Qualities to look for in a project manager are inspired and shared vision, good communication skills, Integrity, enthusiasm, competence, ability to delegate, handle pressure, and team building and problem solving skills.

Software related to Project Management is called Project Management Software. Professionals who manage teams, budgets, people, portfolio, cost, and last but not the least, time – need Project Management Software.

It is important for professionals that they learn to use Project Management Software as a priority so that they are able to build schedules quickly and efficiently and it will also enable them to update their projects on weekly, daily or fortnightly as needed. Updating status of the projects is trivial and usually does not take long. There are two types of project management software a) of the shelf like MS Project or custom made to suit individual business needs and there are several levels in project software based on technology or level of sophistication.

There is a wide range of choices available with different price tags attached. One must also understand the fact that merely using a Project Software does not make an executive more effective, it just makes them more effective. A professional should never be under a wrong impression that merely getting Project Management Software or project software will give them an edge automatically. Unless you’ve chosen the right software for your business and you are clear about your Project management skills, it won’t help. Poor project management and selection of project management software often leads to missed deadlines, cost overruns and sometimes-outright failure of the project.

Before you look at various kinds of Project Management Software available in the market, it is important to weigh it against your Project Management skills. This will help you choose the right tool for your business or profession. Project Software for managing small project will be different from Project Software that you will need to manage cross-functional projects for clients and executives. Likewise, managing a multi project environment will require a different type of
Project Software. Project Management skills should always be considered as important criteria while choosing Project Management Software.

Before choosing and installing Project Management Software it is also important that they are compared in all aspects. You should also check out Web-based project management software. This kind of Project Management Software enables information to be published instantly and can be made available in real-time, and changes dynamically as per the factors on the project that change.

Before getting Project Management Software for your organization, give it a good long thought. Learn about it and how can it help your business run more efficiently and whether you or your project managers possess the skill sets to operate it. If you don’t, do you plan to hire a project manager who can and can you afford one at this stage. All these considerations will help you in making an informed decision.


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