Project Management Certification: Who Needs It?

January 26, 2009

There are many institutes which offer project management certificates throughout the world. The need for certified managers is increasing unfailingly day by day. All the business and industrial organizations have understood the importance of qualified PM’s. These organizations are willing to pay handsome salaries to the qualified PM’s.

It is really encouraging to note that there is an ever-increasing need to execute projects in almost every kind of industry. Therefore, the role of the project manager has become all the more important. It is no wonder that certified project managers are one of the highest paid and most sought after professionals today.

Project management certification is very vital for the aspiring management professionals. A survey conducted by real-time salary surveys concluded that Project Managers with a project management certification earn a median salary of as high as $84,000 in the State of California with other states not far behind. It clearly reveals the importance of certified PM’s.

Project management is set to become even more important in the times to come, as projects become more complex with increased time and cost constraints. Those who have certifications like the PMP (Project Management Professional) are in great demand both at present and will be far in future. Once you become a qualified PM, you will have complete knowledge in project management fundamentals: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Planning and Project Resources.

Certified project managers convey, through its attainment, that have adequate knowledge in Planning Time through Gantt and Pert Charts, Planning Quality, Building and Managing the Team, Planning Risks, Procurement Planning, Work Plan Execution, Monitoring the Plan Execution and conveying status through tools like Gantt Diagrams, Controlling Change and Closing the Effort. With the wide knowledge of PM skills, they can easily help any organization to increase the productivity to a great extent.

Project Management Certification is very well recognized all over the world. Certified PMP’s get jobs very easily with very attractive salaries. At the same time, these higher rates are justified by the amazing results the PM’s show to their host organizations. They apply the latest techniques and help the organization to increase company profits considerably. They can increase productivity and profits and develop their organization’s good name.


Daiv Russell is a management and marketing consultant with Envision Consulting in Tampa, Florida. Consult these resources to learn more about Project Management Basics, Choosing an Online Project Management Course, and How to draw a Gantt Diagram.

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