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February 26, 2009

Jacquelyn Donner

A good PMP simulation program should be the next step in studying for a candidate for the PMP examination. Next, consider studying more using a pmp exam simulation program to practice in the same environment as the actual test. The questions developed for the PMP simulation program are based on the official pmp questions and answers developed by PMI. Remember, there will also be situational questions which put you in the role of a project manager at work and ask you what you would be in certain situations. The values, professionalism, tools and procedures of the project management institute is the core of the questioning of the project management professional examination. 

It is great to evaluate your study progress and how well you have been preparing using the process you have now. Some candidates analyze the value of the books, seminars and other programs effect on their actual performance on a real exam. The project plans entire point is to communicate essentials to the project members. Proper documentation and maintenance of the project plan and all communication related to it can aid if disputes arise between vendors, stakeholders and management. 

As a project manager you spend a great deal of your time communicating with project members, management and stakeholders. You need to take cultural differences, communication errors and walls and the message from the receivers point of view all into account when trying to get your point across. Develop a communication plan with which you can successfully relate information to everyone involved in the project. The plan will have a schedule of when the needs for the project will be met and who is assigned to them. How do you as a project manager, obtain materials needed for project completion? You should have a plan in place to select and process only the appropriate quality materials to be used in the project. 

How are you soliciting bids from contractors and selecting them, is it based on recommendations, availability of resources or proximity to workplace. The project plan must be maintained and watched carefully by the project manager, the plan can be continually elaborated until the project is eventually finalized. Constraints and requirements must be factored in to the plan in the beginning because it is better to beware of issues before they happened rather than be surprised. Additional planning outputs, stakeholder changes, regulations and concepts, technical decisions and quality and other standards must be held for future planning, inspection and reference.

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