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March 10, 2009

We are living in ‘an economic recession’ and we still have to wait for some more time before we are able to say that we have lived through ‘an economic recession’.


Recessions means projects are shut down, initiatives are cut down and several employees are gone. With reducing budgets and struggling CIOs to keep few initiatives floating, I was wondering why should organizations continue to invest in Quality & Process Improvement initiatives.


Therefore, I brought it out in a Linkedin group and here is the brief extract of the discussions:


No matter how well quality and process improvement initiatives progressing and achieveing results, unless they are reported timely and properly, all such efforts will prove to be first candidate for ‘cost reduction’ initiative.  


Few words about QA Reporting


-          Top Management Buy-In  Getting a buy-in from the Top Management about QA reporting is one ‘The Most Critical’ step. though its important to explain what QA report contains, however, ‘business value and ‘business benefit’ of ‘QA’ is key for getting Top Management Buy-In


-          Demonstratable & Tangible QA report should clearly demonstrate the tangible business impact of risks associated with non compliances & issues highlighted in the QA report.


-          Objectivity & QA reporting  Objectivity & QA reporting go hand in hand. Want to keep other valuing your report? Then DON’T try to prepare a report without much subtance.


-          Be Fair  No Witch hunting please…. Don’t make this report to settle personal scores. Its tempting, doable and mind you its also suicidal. After getting top management buy-in, do you want to spoil it?


-          Team  Lets not deny. It’s the people. Always take care of the most sensitive aspect. Select right people for the job.


Click here to view the complete discusssion and get involved.

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