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April 21, 2009

By Dionte Terry

The PMP does have trick questions. They are designed specifically to catch people who are coming in with little formal process experience, those who have thumbed through the PMBOK a few times and are now going to rake me exam. These people try to rely on their work experience, which often does not line up with PMI’s prescribed method for doing things. As a result, they typically don’t even come close to passing the exam. At times, however, these trick questions can also fool a seasoned pro! Listed below are some techniques you can use so mat you will not fall into these traps:

Follow the Process

This is always the right answer. There will be questions on your exam that give you “common sense” scenarios that will give you a seemingly innocent way to skip the formal process and save time, or perhaps avoid some conflict by not following procedure. This is almost certainly a trap. The right answer is to follow PMI’s process! Do not give in to pressure from irate customers, stakeholders, or even your boss to do otherwise.

Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

There will often be choices that allow you to pose one a difficult decision, dodge a thorny issue, or ignore a problem. This is almost never the right thing to do for questions on the exam.

Study the Roles

By the time you take the exam, you should be confident about the roles of stakeholders, sponsors, customers, team members, functional managers, the project office, and most importantly, the project manager. Expect several ‘who should perform this activity’ type questions. If you have absolutely no clue, guessing the “project manager” is a good idea.
Additionally, understand the difference between the different types of organizations (projectized, matrix, and functional). Most of your questions will pertain to matrix organizations, so focus your study on that one.

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Article By: Dionte Terry

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