Performance Reports – Change Requests

October 14, 2009

Performance reports are the prime outputs required of the report performance process. However, there are a couple of other reports that are of vital importance. One is a change request. These outputs are vital for managing changes and hence for managing the project itself. Then the organizational process asset updates are equally important to make sure learning continues. The process assets ensure that organizational learning keeps continuing. These assets help estimates to be better; one can look at exceptional situations and determine what was done historically. One will also be able to modify the process itself. Reporting format changes may be suggested and there can be any number of such benefits arising from the updating of the process assets. One then should never avoid or neglect this particular task.

Performance Reports

Status and progress information compared with the performance measurement baseline is what is of interest to the stakeholders. The level of details needed by the stakeholders would vary. Your communications plan should reflect the need profiles of various classes of stakeholders for your project. Bar charts, S-curve, histograms are some of the common formats that are used for presenting the information in reports. Variance analysis, earned value analysis as well as forecast data are also included in these reports quite often. The reports are periodical of course, the periods being decided by the organizational needs.

Format of these performance reports can range from simple status report to a very elaborate report that includes a lot of information. The simple status reports could be as simple as a report indicating percentage of work completed. Little elaborate ones may have a dash board indicating performances on several counts. These could include scope, schedule, cost and quality. The elaborate ones could talk of past performance analysis, current risks and issues, work completed and to be completed, variance analysis, summary of change requests, forecasts of project completion etc.

Change Requests

When deriving performance reports one comes across the need for generating a change request. Change requests can cause grievous harm to your project unless controlled very well. Project managers must make sure they have implemented a process that is very controlled. What you do through this process is request corrective actions that can bring the performance of your project in near future back to the baseline of the project plan. You also request preventive measures that can stop your project from running away from this baseline.

Organizational Process Asset Updates

Lessons learnt are a major motivation for maintaining the organizational process asset documents. Whatever captures some learning from a project done or being done need to become part of this. Future projects and their managers can benefit immensely from such documentation. Detailed causes for issues that arose during a project, corrective action taken are a valuable source for resolving similar issues in future. These documents include any other type of learning that may have been derived from a project. This may include variations in estimates found and reasons thereof. Such information can help make estimates of a future project much more realistic.

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