Scope Verification: How to – Part II

November 8, 2009

Inspection is always about checking a product or output against some specifications that these product(s)/ outputs are supposed to meet. As an example for a bolt manufactured through a manufacturing process the inspection would probably include measurements of the dimensions as per the applicable BS/ANSI or some national standard. Inspections carried out would use tools as appropriate. A Vernier calipers for measuring the length dimension for example. The BS/ANSI/National standard would be the specification or the scope document in this instance. This may sound like the QA/ QC exercise but looking at a bigger context of say use of the bolt in a machine/ structure assembly these would ensure the complete structure needs are verified.

Scope Verification Inspections

Important issue to note here is that the inspection should use an appropriate tool that can measure or otherwise pin down the scope aspects. Thus inspection may involve measuring, examining, doing complete product reviews and walkthroughs. Purpose of using these techniques would be to confirm acceptability or otherwise of the project deliverables. The nature of the project, its domain area, specific phase of the project and exact nature of the work packages will determine the verification methods. For example a walkthrough in the coding phase of a software project would simply mean the code walkthrough; a technique by which specialist programs study and detect potential code problems. At the topmost level though the sponsor/customer and other stakeholders may have to use appropriate methods at a very high level (may be a presentation of results at a lower level), where project scope as defined by documents and deliverables as verified by the quality group are checked.

Deliverables meeting acceptance criteria are formally signed off and the formal acceptance closes the project or the particular phase of the project unless there are change orders that need to be carried out immediately (some change orders may get carried over). Reason for non acceptance is recorder and reworks (repair work) are carried out. Project related document updates are released.

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