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March 9, 2010


Project manager’s job is not an easy one. There are a whole range of issues that a project manager has to manage. But carrying out all of these responsibilities what is required of a project manager is that he act with integrity in everything he does and personally he is through professional. Integrity means that he works towards doing the right thing always. Even that he also strives to do them the right way. Thus it is important that he should do what professionalism demand but also the means to achieve some end is also the right way to do it.

Project manager acts professionally and with integrity

Integrity requires that the project manager acts completely lawfully in the activities related to the project. He must attempt to carry out his actions that are morally right too. There should not be a moral conflict between end and means. If the end is required for the project the means to achieve that is also through professional and lawful processes. These compliance with law should cover all aspects of the law, regulations, safety requirements of the region or country he/ she is operating in for the sake of the project. If the customer or any other stakeholder is from another country laws and regulations related to such countries also need to be complied with fully.

If complying with the laws and regulations of this larger context is important, it is equally important to comply with the rules and regulations of the organization of which the project manager is a part of. All the regulations and policies that apply are religiously adhered to by a conscientious project manager. This professional honesty also reflects in the way the project manager interacts with customers, stakeholders and above all his team members. The communication tasks particularly the task of reporting project performance is usually tricky. The project manager being the overall in-charge of everything in the project, his performance is directly linked to that of the performance of the project. Thus reporting of project performance can easily get colored by subjectivity; that of the project manager looking good. However, a lot depends on professional reporting of this data. If the project is on a drift, that needs preventive/corrective actions that should be taken in time for these actions to be effective. This will get jeopardized if the reporting manager is not a professional and a person of integrity.

Demands of professionalism

Whether it is the hard aspects of time, cost etc. or soft aspect of the human resources it is absolutely essential that the project manager act professionally. It is also necessary that he be perceived as a professional too. Particularly with respect to human resources issues he ought to be a very objective one to be perceived by others as a just person, who does not take sides. This needs to be really irrespective of race, sex, age and all the rest. He needs to be respectful of multiculturalism. All the rest of common professionalism such as being punctual, honest, ability to maintain confidentiality are essential too.

As far as the domain areas or the knowledge areas are concerned, the manager needs to be fluent in the theoretical basis for his actions and be a great believer in the processes that are advocated for project execution. This professional faith in the process groups needed for a project at different stages is the sign of a project management professional. Thus religious implementation yet intelligent customization of the same would be expected from such a professional. These processes ensure that the project is initiated, executed, monitored and controlled and closed appropriately.

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