Inputs to Administer Procurement

April 23, 2010


What was awarded as a contract to the seller and how he is performing and if any changes in the project management related documents are required are the details needed by the administer the procurement process. Therefore, the inputs that would be the documents that define the work assigned to the seller, the performance reports and the project management documents are the set of things you need around.

Inputs needed

Procurement documents, including the SOW, are the essential documents that define what was intended to be procured and the contract tells you exactly what are part of the procurement action. The SOW is a reference for what was wanted out of the deliverables. The proposal as submitted and modified because of any negotiations, is the reference document of what the seller intended to do and how exactly he was going to go about it. The project management plan is the master reference and includes plans for the overall procurement process. How the procurement process should be conducted, seller evaluations get done and just about everything else is guided by this master plan.

The contract document is a vital input as this specifies the exact details of what is being procured, what acceptance criteria the seller must meet with his deliverables, at what precise times etc. The contract document also specifies how and how often a structured review will be conducted to asses the performance of the contractor on the procurement action. This provides a reference against which the performance of the seller will need to be measured. This acts a reference to decide what corrective actions are necessary if the performance happens to fall short. In the worst case legal actions or alternate arbitration methods may have to be adopted.

Performances reports are guides to the past performance of the seller on this particular procurement action and contain the seller performance report spelling out what deliverables have been completed. It also includes the technical documentation the seller supplied on the deliverables as was required by the buyer as part of arriving at the selection and award of the contract. So that these data will help you determine how exactly the seller is performing. In case they fall short, if the performance is within a range that can be corrected.

Work performance reports complement the performance reports in determining the performance of the seller on this specific contract. The work performance reports have data on how well the seller is meeting the quality standards. The measurements specific to the deliverables and a summary of the finding should be available here. Costs that are being incurred and committed are also part of the records of this document. The invoices paid and submitted by the seller are part of the data in this document.

Change requests that have been approved are another set of vital inputs. These may contain references to change in terms and conditions, may be relaxations in some acceptance criteria or changes in the description of the product, service or result of this procurement.

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