Human Resource Plan Tools-Networking & Org Theory

May 27, 2010

Networking and organizational theory can be used effectively to no only make a efficient and effective human resources plan but also to acquire a plan put it in place. Networking encompasses all kinds of interactions with others. That then is a means of tapping into experiences of others. On the other hand organizational theory helps you understand how various pieces of an organization and the organization as a whole behave. These theories have evolved over time and are quite effective in creating a very meaningful understanding in you about what to expect within the organizational context.
Personal networking is a useful skill in the human resources planning scheme of things. Networking is about developing and maintaining a network of people whom you know and have a relationship with so that when the time comes you are able to draw on their expertise and experience. One is able to do that easily as the networks are a mutually beneficial relationship and thus there are not many barriers ti seeking advice or help. The networking essentially extends team work beyond the immediate peer group. The network can extend to persons within an organization, within the industry one operates in or the profession. In the human resources planning context, this is a nice way of understanding organizational factors that may impact human resources planning actions. The political and inter-personal issues that may affect your human resources plans.
Networking activities will include correspondence, lunch meetings, conferences, symposia and any such activity that provides opportunities to remain in touch with the members of your network as well as what provide opportunities to add members to your network. The new phenomenon of social networking over the Internet appears to be an effective way of networking and could be used effectively.
Organizational Theory
Organizational theory provides a theoretical framework for understanding how various parts of an organization behave and why. If you understand hat, you should be able to use that understanding effectively to achieve your goals as needed in creating an effective human resources plan. this understanding can actually help cut down on the time, cost involved and the effort needed to create this plan. There is a whole set of viewpoints about the understanding of organizational behavior. Modern, symbolic and post modern views are one way of slicing and dicing these theories. At another level one may look at a micro level and a macro level. People interacting with each other may bring in several factors into play. Organizational theories help you understand these closely. One of the main goals of the organizational theory is to develop these theories to better conceptualize of organizational life and behavior of its players. The project personnel, particularly the leadership team needs to understand these various pulls and push issues that arise from interaction with people in an organization. It is useful to internalize the fact that various pieces of an organization will have response, performance and personal relationship characteristics that are very individualizd.

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