Human Resources Plan Overview

May 29, 2010

Human resources plan documents the project staff positions, their roles and responsibilities. The skills required for these positions are also documented so that a clear pictures emerges of the requirements. Communication channels and reporting relationships are defined and the staffing management plan. Staff acquisition and release as well as identification of training needs , team building strategies etc needs to be included.

In general good human resources are usually scarce and it takes a lot of effort to fill the staff positions. Internal or external resource pools may have to be tapped to get an access to the right kind of people. Resources management can have significant impacts on the project cost, schedules, risks and quality etc. Activity resource requirements worked out from the required project activities is the starting point for determining staffing roles & responsibilities and the skills required for each of these positions. The requirements get refined as the planning progresses, of course.
Organizational culture and structure, access to existing resources and personnel policies and marketplace conditions determine the necessary modifications and determining exact actions for the plan. Organizational process assets that impact the plan include organizations processes and policies as well as job descriptions existing, templates typically used for generating organizational charts and historical knowledge about structures that worked on previous occasions shape the way the plan is developed.
Organizational structures can be done in one of several ways. The main purpose is to make sure that all the work packages have clearly owners and team members have a clear understanding of their roles & responsibilities. These need to be define in an unambiguous manner whether you use the graphical structure, the matrix form or a straight textual description of the roles & responsibilities.
The hierarchical graphic breakdown charts can be drawn up in one of several ways to give you a clear view of the roles and responsibilities. The work breakdown structure shows the hierarchical relations of deliverables. The organizational breakdown structure (OBS) shows the project responsibilities for each of existing departments. The resources breakdown structure (RBS) shows the way resources are deployed in various areas of the project.
A matrix based chart or the responsibility assignment matrix defines the RACI or the responsibilities of responsible, accountable, consult and inform categories. That is another view of the picture.
Networking helps, particularly, at the beginning of a project to mobilize the necessary resources. Organizational theory provides the means to assess effectiveness of the plan and evolving of strategies.
Roles and responsibilities, authority or lines of command/ leadership roles, authority, responsibility and competency etc need to be documented. Project organization charts, staffing management plan, staff acquisition and resource calendars are other important documents created. Training needs, recognition and rewards are some things that should be formulated completely. Regulatory compliance and safety needs should be documented too.

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