Manage Project team

May 31, 2010

Managing project team involves all the activities that are needed to keep the team tuned to top performance so that probability of project success is increased. Unlike the Taylor model of production work, it is not the speed of the assembly line that keeps up the output. In fact the team leaders have to keep reminding themselves that they have to make the team members volunteer their best outputs. Anything that helps doing that is helpful in managing project teams.

Like any systematic process you have to set up the process, which is the role & responsibility definitions and skill requirements definitions. Acquisition of the team and creating a high performance team out of the collection of the human resources is part of that process too. Once set up the process needs to be monitored to ensure it keeps performing at the high levels needed for the project. Periodic measurements and necessary corrections, both preventive and corrective are then necessary over the lifetime of the team operating together. Appraisals and periodic performance measurements provide you the opportunities to asses the performance and take the necessary actions.
The tools that form the input to such a process are project staff assignments and the management plans, team performance assessments and performance reports generated out of that exercise and the collective organizational wisdom in the form of the organizations process assets. The tools and techniques that you need to apply to these inputs to generate the desired outputs are observation and conversations, performance appraisals as mentioned already, conflict management on a daily basis, issue logs and interpersonal skills that enable you to sense all the inputs correctly.
As you keep doing these activities there will be occasions when several organizational documents will need updates so that all future activities can be based on a finer tuned process. Typically such updates will involve the organizational environmental factors document, the organizational; process assets document and project management plan updates. There can be change requests also generated out of this on-going exercise.
One of the most important skills needed on the part of the project management team is their interpersonal skills. These skills would enable them to communicate well with team members, manage conflicts, negotiate and come to be trusted as leaders. The leadership not only should be able to challenge individuals but be able to motivate them to produce exceptional performance on a sustained basis.

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