Human Resources Plan Inputs

June 1, 2010

Activity resources requirements, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets are the inputs used to create the human resources plan. The activity resources requirements define the true resources requirements. These are then modified and/or influenced by the enterprise environmental factors and the collective wisdom represented by the organizational process assets.
Activity Resources Requirements
The activity resource requirements help crystallize the requirements of the human resources that are required for delivering the project outcome with the required quality and on time as well as within cost. To define the need for the resources it is essential that the work be defined as clearly as possible. To estimate something very closely it is essential to be able to define the smallest possible component. Only when the dimensions of the work is clear is it possible to define what kind of resources are required to accomplish that. Work breakdown structure together with the WBS dictionary and work packages and then the lower level pieces that are known as activities are defined initially to estimate the time and cost dimensions of delivering the project outcomes.
Activity resource requirements are derived from these activity requirements. This exercise determines types and quantities of material, equipment and people. The skills that are required out of the people are determined. Activity lists, their attributes, resource calendars, are used to determine the resource requirements. Enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets determine how exactly the input data are used and processed to arrive at the resources requirements. Expert judgment, alternative analysis, published estimate data, bottom us estimating are some of the techniques used. Project management software with the relevant modules can provide quick tools for the same.
Along with the activity resources requirements, one would need to document resource breakdown structure or the RBS along with any other project document updates.
Enterprise Environmental Factors
This is one of the factors that influence the planning by way of conventions, standards, templates used in the organization. Enterprise environmental factors include internal and external factors. The factors can be from several organizations involved with the project. These factors impact and influence most other planning processes for the project. The effects could be positive or negative. Some of the significant aspects of these factors include organizations structure, culture and processes. Infrastructure, existing human resources, personnel administration, work authorization processes, market place conditions and project information systems are just some dimensions of the factors involved. Regulatory controls, stakeholder risk tolerance and political climate can be other factors involved.
Organizational Process Assets
Organizational process assets are the collective learning, collective wisdom of an organization formalized into documents. The items that impact the human resources plan and define how the plan is documented include factors like organizational standard processes, policies and standardized role descriptions. These influence the way the role descriptions are written. Templates for organizational charts and position descriptions are factors from the organizational assets that influence the organizational chart for the project will get written up. Then the historical information on organizational structures also influence what structures will be tried on the current project.
There may be other organizational learning that influence the human resources plan. these would depend on the learning obtained by the specific organization that is relevant to it.

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