Develop Project Team Outputs

June 2, 2010

The most important aspect of the on going process of developing a team, is the ability to measure the team performance periodically and then apply development tools, to keep the team performance tuned to the peak form. Enterprise environmental factors document may need updates too.
Training, team building exercises, co-locations are implements as part of the team development actions. The project leaderships needs to take periodic measurements to asses how effective the measures are and if the team is working at its peak capabilities. The development activities are geared towards increasing the teams performance to the maximum extent. So assessments coupled with a rewards and recognition program that reinforce desirable behavior are the needs that a performance assessment system must meet.
The team assessment criteria is to be determined by all the relevant parties and incorporated into team development inputs. The performance measure is the technical success achieved as per agreed before criteria, performance on schedule and on cost. The completion of activities on schedule and within stipulated costs are important measures for high performance teams. Some job related and people related metrics that may be used to asses performance include improvements in skills that allow individuals to perform better, improvement in competencies that will let a team perform better, low attrition rates and increased team cohesiveness. This cohesiveness is often demonstrated by the willingness of individuals to share knowledge and experiences with others. It is demonstrated in the willingness to help each other, in general, for better performance.
The results of such performance appraisals like the project leadership map the needs of individuals in terms of skills, training, mentorship, training, coaching and any other assistance. Such exercises should also be able to identify any additional resources or facilities required by the project team. The assessment data need to be very well documented as this may also involve people involved in unions and other collective bargaining groups and bound by performance clauses.

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