Acquiring Project Team Overview

June 3, 2010

Acquiring a project is the process of locating, obtaining and assembling a suitable project team. A team, the project management is reasonably certain would meet the project deliverables needs. The project leaders or the team members may not have enough control over the mobilizing of the team due to a range of factors. Thus following issues need to be considered acquisition of the team.
Most importantly the ability to get the right people can affect not only the project outcomes but time, cost and budget overruns, slipping quality targets, lower customer satisfaction etc. The increased risks can cause project failure and even cancellation. Thus the project team or the leadership will need to negotiate hard and influence others to obtain the right resources particularly if these are available within the organization.
If the resources are not obtainable then the project team will need to consider alternative resources even if they are not exactly as skilled as they should be. The lowered competencies used on the project should not cause any problems with regulatory, safety, legal or other criteria applicable to the job. These issues will need to be planned for and taken into account when documenting risks, contingencies, time schedule, budget and quality. Additional planning may have to be planned for depending on the situation.
As with almost all plans related to a project the project management plan is the main input to this process supplemented by the organizational environmental factors and a organizations process assets. With the roles & responsibilities and skills requirements been established through the human resources plans one can use some pre-assignment where possible of some of the roles. Negotiate and obtain resources form elsewhere in the organization. When not available, resources will have to be acquired from outside. Parts of the work may need to be sub-contracted. Virtual teams may be another alternative. This may be team members operating from home or even from distant locales. With todays communication technology making it easy, components of the virtual team may even be distributed halfway across the globe.
When the acquisition is completed you have the complete details to have a project staff position assignment. This shows all the personnel for the roles & responsibilities detailed in the human resources plan. You would be able to fill in the names in the organization chart. A project directory can be created that has details of all the personnel assigned.
Resource calendars or the amount of time and over what calendar time periods a candidate can work, can now be created. These resource calendars show the schedule constraints a person may have and conflicts with other schedules if the person is scheduled on more than one project. The persons vacation time and other constraints are also taken into account.
The human resources plan as well as other plans may need to be changed as many a times the specific people acquired and the needs of the project may not have an exact fit.

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