Manage Project Team – Inputs

June 4, 2010

In the overview of the process we mentioned how the proper inputs for the project team are the project staff assignments, the project management plan, periodic team performance assessments, performance reports and providing a solid basis to the whole process the organizations process asset document.
Project staff assignments is a document which tells you who all are assigned to the project. The related document includes a project team directory, which is a complete all in one information document about the team members, their location within the organizations, contact details and so on. Memos to the team members also could be documented as the memos define the assignments as explained to each member. The assignments will also include names and positions inserted into the organization charts and schedules.
Project management plan, which includes the human resources plan is the basis of all the management activities that apply to the project team. The human resources plan, as discussed elsewhere will include details about roles & responsibilities and the skill requirements for each such position. That document defines what exactly is needed for the execution of the project and thus forms the basis of the periodic evaluations. Project organization provides you a structure that along with the component details described in the roles & responsibilities document provide a complete picture of the human resources organization as it applies to the project.
As the project activities pick up and the team has reached the high performance stage through the usual forming-storming-norming-performing stages you need to make sure the performance stays on course through regular measurements and feedbacks of the performance measurement methods. Ongoing formal and informal assessments are the means to keep the performance tune up to a high performing level needed. Resolving issues, addressing conflicts, modifying communications and improve overall performance will all get defined by the findings of the performance assessment measurements.
The performance reports provide the team management feedback on current project status compared to what was expected. Results from schedule, cost and quality controls and scope verification provide appropriate feedback as to what needs to be done about the project team; if new resources are required, additional training needed and the need for recognition and rewards could be pinpointed.
As part of the recognition and rewards some of the organizational process assets could be useful. Getting featured on the company newsletter or websites and appreciation certificates fulfill the craving for appreciation for the performing team members. Bonus structures and other organizational perquisites help with the the need for reward and recognition. All of these are driven by policies and norms that has eveolved over time, for an organization.

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