Development of Project management Plan Inputs IV

June 16, 2010

Inputs used in the develop project management plans are the subsidiary plans.
These subsidiary plans should work well with the master plan that is the
project management plan to make a project successful. Other inputs used by the
project management development plan are the project charter, enterprise
environmental factors and the organizational process assets.
Project Charter, Environment and Process assets
The project charteris, as mentioned elsewhere, a thumbnail view of the project on which authorized
signature is available. The name and authority of the project sponsor will have
to be mentioned. Any other authorized person(s) are mentioned too, if involved.
The project charter includes summary business needs, scope and requirements,
understanding of customer s needs. The product, service or results that are to be produced to satisfy
these requirements also are included. In brief then, the charter needs to
include project purpose and justification, high level project descriptions and
requirements. It should also list the high level risks involved including
opportunities seen, if any. Having defined these then the outcomes and the
acceptance criteria need to be listed that ensure meeting the requirements.
Summary schedule and the budget provisions are essential parameters that define
the project well. The project charter also formally mentions the project
manager assigned to the project. It lists the project approval requirements.
These include the project success criteria, who is authorized to decide if it
is actually a success and the person authorized to sign off.
All the inputs discussed so far in earlier parts as well as this is moderated
by the enterprise, environmental factors and the organization s process assets. The enterprise environmental factorsthat may have an impact on the project management plan development include
governments and industry standards at the top level. These may be related to
safety, environmental impacts, disclosure, security, maintaining of related
records and just about everything else. Infrastructure available, such as
network facilities, communications infrastructure, equipment and such other
common support facilities is an important factor. They would straightaway have
an effect on the way things are to be done and what modifications may be
required in standard processes of doing things. The project management
information system because of its importance is treated as an item distinct
from the infrastructure.. This is an automated tool that helps schedule
details, configuration management, information collection and distribution and
will have interfaces to other tools. Personnel administration issues like the
hiring and firing policies, performance reviews and training policies are
things that affect the overall planning. Organizational structure and culture
too have very fundamental impacts of everything that is done in the
The organizational process assetsthat ay influence the planning process include project management templates.
This may include guidelines to what elements of the plan could be tailored by
the project team. Typical such areas would be guidelines and criteria for
tailoring any of the standard processes of the organization that may be needed
for the project. Another area could be guidelines for tailoring project
closure, product acceptance and validation. Such process assets may include
guides, work instructions, criteria for performance evaluation and criteria for
evaluating proposals. Organization s knowledge collected over time and history may include project files from
projects completed in the organization that will include details about scope,
cost, schedule, performance baseline, standards, plans and everything relevant
to those projects. Historical knowledge base helps in doing things that can use
the knowledge. Configuration management knowledge base is another set of
knowledge data one could use. Company policies, procedures, standards and
procedures and the versioning history would be included in such a knowledge

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