Perform Integrated Change Outputs

June 19, 2010

Between the project management plan and work performance reports required
change requests are generated that can keep a project on the planned track.
Changes are reviewed and appropriate authorities approve the ones considered
necessary. The decisions are moderated by the enterprise environmental factors
and the organizational process assets. The project management plan includes the
main baselines and all the other subsidiary plans that have influence on the
way a project is carried out. The baselines and the project management plan
including all the other plans define exactly how the project is supposed to be
working over its lifetime.
Periodic monitoring and measurement of performance ensure any difference with
the planned track of progress and the way the project is actually progressing.
The integrated change control that is supposed to make sure changes happens in
a systematic way, the changes requested are processed and applied in a
systematic manner to make sure the project remains on track. The outputs of the
process are the updates of documents that happened because of the approved
changes. Since all changes must be tracked for a systematic approach, a status
document is maintained that shows what happened to each of the changes
requested. The complete process is , of course, moderated by the enterprise
environmental factors and the organizational process assets.
Outputs generated by the integrated change control
Expert judgment and change control meetings are the tools and techniques used
to generate outputs from the inputs discussed above.Expert judgmentmay be applied to any technical and management details related to the project.
The project management team will have a majority of the expertise required
about most of the issues. Additional expertise required can be accessed through
stakeholders in the company, and they can be asked to sit on the change control
board meetings. Additional sources of such expertise can be through external
consultants, experts in industrial and trade bodies, project sponsors and
customers, subject matter experts and the project management office (if the
organization is large, and it has one).
Change control meetingsare convened to review the change requests. The requests are accompanied by
additional data like the time and cost estimates, schedule sequence and various
other details so that ripple effects of the change can be determined and one
can ensure changes in all the appropriate stage is made. All decisions are
communicated to all the stakeholders for information and follow up actions as
Change requests that are found to be feasible but beyond the project scope the
baseline requires updates. If it is found to be unfeasible it will be rejected.
Such change request are usually sent back to the requestor for additional
justifications and data supporting such justifications.Change request statusdocument is an important output of the process. Change requests are presented
to the project manager or an appropriate team member as assigned by the project
manager. They are likely to go to the CCB if appropriate. Approved changes are
implemented via processes defined in the direct and manage execution of project
All the change requests are recorded as to their status. Project document updateslog these details. Besides these status logs of changes there would be other
project documents that need updates. Such documents would have been specified
to be under the ambit of the integrated change control processes. The
organizational process assets are a set of documents that certainly needs
updates. Project scope, cost estimates are few other things that will need
updates. Time and cost estimates to completion are some more details that may
need updates. Risk register that records all currently perceived risks also may
need updates. Stakeholder register, communication plans, procurement processes,
in fact, just about every other project document may need changes/ updates.
Project management plan that includes and integrates a range of subsidiary
management plans will need updates due to the approved changes. Integrated
change control processes will ensure that required changes are applied and
documents are updated. All the documents that may be affected due to a specific
change must record the updates. The project management plan also includes some
baselines and these will need updates sometimes. One or more of these
subsidiary plans may need updates. These plans include the scope and
requirements management plans. Schedule and cost management plans. While these
are the primary plans changes may percolate to other such plans. These include
the quality management and the process improvement plans. These ensure that the
product/ service or other result/outcome sought from the project are delivered
at appropriate quality levels. Quality management plan covers actions necessary
for the quality assurance as well as =quality control actions. Process
improvement plan ensures continuous improvement measures. Risk management plan
updates the risk and opportunity scenario as it evolves through the project
life time. Procurement plans, communication plan and the HR plans ensure that
all the supporting aspects are also taken care of. These too are subject to
evolution as the project progresses through its life cycle.

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