Develop Project Management Plan Overview

June 20, 2010

The project management plan is the master reference for everything that happens
in a project. Thus it is vital that this planning is done very carefully and
documented appropriately for anything but the most trivial projects. Most
processes use this plan as an input for this precise reason. Similarly,
outcomes of many other process impacts and influences the project management
plan and thus the plan must get immediately updated as needed.
Overview of the Project management Plan
This plan must cover all aspects of the management of a project. Therefore,
when this plan is to be drawn up it must incorporate and integrate the aspects
of the connected plans. The plan then must document the actions that are
required to define, prepare and then integrate all these subsidiary plans. All
the co-ordination aspects necessary to integrate the subsidiaries also must
necessarily be spelt out in this master plan.
The project management plan must include the processes to be used the actual
execution of the project. That is the framework on which the project is to be
built or the blueprint for the project. However, how the project is doing is an
essential process for the project success too. Unless the performance
monitoring is done often enough, the project may be so way off to be out of
control. Monitoring closely will help decide corrections necessary to keep the
project on track both in terms of schedules as well as cost parameters. A
systematic closure of the project or the specific phases are also an essential
need for the success of a project; particularly those of sufficient
The details to be included in the project management plan document will
necessarily depend on the complexity of the project at one level. This
complexity in turn will be governed by the technological complexity or the
application area.
The development of the project management plan evolves as the subsidiary plans
of execution, monitoring and closure are firmed up. After the first cut plan
documents are ready, these subsidiary plans can still continue to influence the
main management plan. The changes necessary are made through a mechanism of
approved changes and working through the integrated change management plan.
Inputs used in the process, typically then are the project charter, outputs
from other plans. Enterprise environmental factors and the organizational
process assets are the other contextual information that you must use in the
development of the plan. Expert judgment is the main tool one uses to derive
the project management plan.

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