Integration Management Overview II

June 28, 2010

The overall integration management process is actually a collection of six
distinct processes that have an impact and influence each other and are related
to distinct phases of the project life cycle. The sequence starts with the
project charter development that defines the start of the project. The project
management development relates to all the phases in the project life cycle.
Direct and manage project execution and the monitor and control project work
together define how the on-going work will be managed and monitored. Closing of
the project or the current phase is about managing the closure. During all
these phases the integrated change management plan is the tool to manage
changes systematically. Being so interlinked any changes in one has
consequential changes that are necessary in the other processes and the project
management must be very careful to take care of all such linked issues.
A look at the processes
The Develop project Charterprocess uses the project statement of work, the business case justifying the
project, any relevant contract into account. Enterprise environmental factors
and organizational process assets determine how exactly these inputs will be
handled and processed o create the necessary outputs from the process. The
outputs one would need out of these process is the project charter. The charter
formally authorizes the start of he project. The only technique one can use
here is the expert judgment. Thus it is essential that you should be able to
gather together the necessary expertise to advise you on the issues related to
the process.
Develop Project management Plan is a process that uses the project charter as input. The process outputs from
all other planning exercises that include project scope, time, cost and quality
as well as the HR management and procurement plans are taken into account. The
project planning process has to take into account the risk management inputs
and communication plans. The context provided to all the inputs that you use
and the standards and templates to apply are provided by the enterprise
environmental factors and organizational process assets. Expert judgment is the
vital tool that you use to develop the project management plan. Once again thus
access to the right kind of expertise is crucial to the whole process.
While the management plan is for the complete project life cycle, the Direct and Manage Project Executionis the process plan for managing execution of the project. This process needs
to provide a plan that will ensure the performance of the defined work to
achieve the project deliverables/ objectives. The process needs to use as input
the project management plan and the approved change requests. Thus the process
must specify the implementation of approved changes. The actions required may
be corrective actions, preventive actions and defect repair. Corrective actions
should be able to bring back the project performance in line with the expected
levels planned in the project management plan. Preventive actions should
prevent significant deviations from happening. Defect repair covers
identification and then repair/replacement of a component. Deliverables, change
requests, work performance information as well as the project management plan
updates are the outputs of this process. Environmental factors and process
assets provide the context to the expert judgment tools used.
The Monitor and Control Project Work process lets you manage the detailed execution of the project. The progress of
the project is tracked, reviewed and regulated through this process. Monitoring
is the measurement of the progress part. It involves measuring, collecting and
dissemination the progress measurement and determining trends so that process
improvement activities can be carried out. Control includes actions that are
needed to bring the progress back to the expected levels. The inputs used by
the process include performance reports in conjunction with the project
management plan9 the reference). The Enterprise environmental factors and the
process assets provide the reference context as well as templates and standards
to be used. Expert judgment is used to generate change requests and the updates
necessary to the project management plan and other related documents.
Perform Integrated Change Controlis a process that is applicable to the project start through to the close of
the project. This is about ensuring approving change requests are relevant and
low risk to the project outcomes. When approved, changes in all the applicable
plans need to be included appropriately and documents updated. Change control
board is another tool that is used often. Thus the inputs needed are the change
requests at the first level of course. The project management plan remains the
master reference as are the enterprise environmental factors and the
organizational process assets. The last two provide an appropriate overall
scenario and the standards, template, forms etc. to be used. Expert judgment is
the only available tool. This then must be mobilized very carefully. The
outputs generated are the approved change requests, mainly. Any needed updates
to the project management plan and other project documents also are created as
Close Project or Phaseprovides for a systematic closure on the project activities ensuring all the
required activities have taken place. Accepted deliverables tells you what has
been done. With reference to the project management plan this will tell you if
everything that needed to be done have actually been done. Expert judgment
helps create the final product/service/ result transition. Organizational
process assets used as inputs are updated and really contains the hard lessons
learned through the project life.

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