Develop Project Charter- Inputs 5

July 7, 2010

Besides the project statement of works and the business case establishing the
need for the project, one other input required is contracts, if relevant. The
enterprise environmental factors and the organizations process assets are some
other inputs you would need to consider while developing the project charter.
The SOW and the business case aspects have been discussed in part 1 of these
articles. The relevance and implications of the contract, the environmental
factors and the process assets will be discussed in the part 2 of this
Project Charter Inputs
A contract is a document that is part of the project when it is initiated by an external
customer. Contracts define the complete relationship between the initiator of
the project and the performing organization. A SOW defines the requirements of
the work to be performed under the contract while the actual contract document
lays down the legal and other requirements. The legal aspect would typically
cover the time and cost requirements, disputes and their redressal. Grievance
redressal covers even the mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation and how
that would be managed. Termination of a project without assigning a reason and
for a reason should also be clearly specified. Usually it is about what kind of
notice period will be provided and the mechanisms of payments for work
undertaken and not delivered until the notice period.
Enterprise environmental factorsaffect and influence many an activity in the organization. This is the kind of
boundary or the ecosystem in which all decisions are taken and the kind of
decisions that are take are obviously the result of his environment. The
specific factors that would be relevant to the development of project charter
include governmental and/or industrial standards and regulations,
organizational infrastructure and marketplace conditions. There may be other
factors that are relevant depending on the type of project, the
knowledge/domain area and many other aspects specific organization.
Similarly the Organizational process assets that represent the collective learning influences the way things are done while
developing the project charter. The specific items that have an impact on the
decision process are the standardized processes, policies of the organization
and standards of defining policies are a set of factors that are relevant. If
there is an existing template for the project charter and an other relevant
area. The other important factor is the accumulated knowledge base that really
represents the collected knowledge over time. As with the environmental factors
it s possible that there are other factors that have an impact/influence. That
would depend on the specific organization as well as specific area the
organization is operating in during he project.

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