Monitor and Control Project Overview

July 11, 2010

Once a project gets going it needs constant monitoring to track, review and
regulating the progress so that the performance remains within the planned
range. Measuring, collecting of performance information and distributing them
to the right people so that corrections can be made constitute the main
objective of this process.
A look at the process
The inputs that must be processed include the project management plan,
performance reports, enterprise environmental factors ad the organizational
process assets. Expert judgment is the only tool that can be used to process
these inputs to outputs required for controlling and regulating the project
execution. Change requests, updates to the project management plan and other
related documents are the outputs that can be used in regulating the project.
The performance data that is distributed is used to asses if a significant
trend is developing, which indicate the project going off the planned track. If
that is established, then preventive , corrective actions or defect repair
actions are to be decided on to apply to the process. Opportunities to improve
the process are always looked at. Continuous monitoring is an essential part of
being able to find these health indicators. In general then, following things
are the concerns of the process. Measuring the current performance in
comparison to the performance planned in the project management plan is the
prime concern. Analysis of the performance data to decide if preventive actions
or corrective actions are required to bring back the performance to the desired
region is of concern too. This monitored information is maintained right
through to project completion.
The progress status, measurements and forecasting are supported through these
monitored data and is part of the process. Forecasts that are useful for
updating the schedule and cost information are also provided through the
process. When the changes are implemented, this process monitors and confirms
that the changes have been implemented. Project documents that may need updates
include forecasts, performance reports and issue logs. Forecasts indicate what
the overall time and costs will be with the changes implemented. These
forecasts are a useful tool to get a sense of what is in store by the time the
project is done. Cumulative set of performance reports again gives you a sense
of how the project has performed over time. The issue logs has details of all
issues. Besides the historical perspective, the issue logs is a record of how
any particular issue developed and what was done about it due to approved
change requests. The document updates right up to the current instant is

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