Development of Project management Plan Inputs II

July 16, 2010

Project management plan integrates several subsidiary plans and baselines. This
set of four articles discusses the inputs to developing a project management
plan. Of these the first three deals with the subsidiary plans. The part 1 of
the set covers scope and requirement management plans and the schedules and
cost management plans. This article is going to discuss the quality management,
process improvement pan and the HR plans.
Subsidiary Plans on Quality and HR
The quality management plan describes how the organization s quality policy will be implemented. This plan details how the project
management tea will implement the quality processes. The quality management
plan provide the specific details to the project management plan on how to
administer quality assurance, quality control and performance improvement
processes. The details used in the plan are decided by the nature of the
project. Besides, the organization s own experience with managing quality decides the level of details as well as
format of reporting documents, standards, etc. The size and/or complexity of
the project may be such that a broadly framed plan is good enough. Similar
considerations decide if the plan needs to be formal or an informal document.
There is a need for a formal review of the quality management plan very early
in the planning process. That ensures the quality plan is based on accurate
information. The quality inputs has a benefit going back to the other plans
including the master plan of project management plan. This is that the quality
inputs can help reduce costs and schedule overruns. These are the two major
bugbears the project management team fights against right through the project
lifecycle. Quality metric define many attributes that define the quality of the
product or service and ensure quality assurance and control processes to be
carried out accurately. Quality checklists are another set of tools that help
implement these quality processes.
A cornerstone of quality philosophy is that if you have a quality process the
outcomes of that process will be of good quality. Given that, one of the
significant processes one has to undertake to keep improving quality is to keep
tuning the process that delivers an outcome. The aim of theprocess improvement planis to address precisely this area of the quality concern. The prime aim of this
plan is to categorically detail what needs to be analyzed about a process. The
aim of the analysis should be to identify the pieces that enhance a process.
The enhancement should always be addressed to reduce the variability of the
outcome. In general terms the areas to be considered for analyzing are
processing boundaries, process configuration, process metrics and targets for
improved performance. The purpose of the process, the start and end conditions,
inputs/outputs and data required, the process owner and the stakeholders define
the boundaries of the process. Process configuration I a graphic representation
of the process steps and interfaces that facilitates the process analysis.
Process metric are the significant measurements, used with control limits of a
process. Targets define the targets for process improvements.
The human resources plan provides the necessary inputs on how the human
resources for the project needs to be defined, staffed, managed and controlled.
A release plan also is part of this HR plan. Some of the significant things
covered under this plan are the roles & responsibilities, project organization
chart, staffing management plan and staff release plan. the roles and
responsibilities define the roles in the project organization. It also defines
the skills and competencies needed for these roles. Authority available to the
roles, as applicable, are also spelled out.
Project organization chart defines the structure, reporting and communication
channels in the project organization. The details depicted will , of course,
depend on the complexity and type of the project. Staffing management plan part
of this HR plan must take care of acquisition, resource calendars, ongoing
management and staff release plans.

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