May 10, 2012

 Notes on Project Management Knowledge

Notes on Project Management Knowledge

“Notes on Project Management Knowledge” – A book that unifies the academic excellence and industry experience of two professionals Puneet and Debasis, in the field of project management. The main goal of writing this book is to assist the reader in a way the subject is easy to comprehend and APPLY for both, the beginners and the seasoned project managers. Therefore this book is a MUST-READ not only for professionals who are engaged in any form of project management, but also for the beginners and PMP aspirants. The processes, methods & tools outlined in this book are a description of industry best practices, international standards and reflection of the knowledge that authors have gleaned through decades of professional experience.

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The entire world is getting ‘Projectized’. Managing and growing business-by-projects has become order of the day. For corporations, project management methodologies have become a vehicle to turn visions into realities. A recent research shows that organizations are finding value in adopting suitable project management methodologies to gain competitive advantages in the market.

In these times, when the corporates have to survive in challenged markets, it is imperative that the organizations sharpen their focus and adopt standard methodologies to ensure that their projects consistently deliver the desired outcomes resulting in continued growth and expansion.

This book was conceptualized to explain and consolidate the collection of optimal business practices and procedures described in the PMI’s Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) in a simplified manner. Notes on Project Management Knowledge is written in a conversational format with the focus on simplicity without sacrificing functional content or foundational concepts; both of which are vital to any professional. Beneficial information is imparted in this book to the professional project manager who is already well established in his career field, as well as to the student who is studying for PMP certification. Buy Here:

The book is offered to the general public with great enthusiasm and utmost confindence that it will assist in obtaining and improving the understanding of project management, , enable to deliver the right outcomes and help organizations to adopt industry best practices while they engage professionals to manage the strategy execution.The book will also assist the reader in preparing for PMP exam. Buy Here:

Most PM books on the market today can largely be classified as offering either information or guidance when preparing for the certification exam, or else as a book that can be merely utilized as a daily reference guide. However, Notes on Project Management Knowledge, which is organized in 14 chapters, offers a rare combination of focused information by addressing both categories of necessary education in a concise informal style of writing. The complete lifecycle of the project is analyzed and explained from commencement to project closure, through process groups, knowledge areas and ethical aspects in an understandable format which does not dilute in any way the essence of each concept that is discussed.

Notes on Project Management Knowledge is structured as follows:

Chapters 1-2 are an introduction to the initial concepts of project management, Chapters 3-13 cover the various project management processes tools, methods and application of project management and 14th chapter deals with professional responsibility of a project manager. Buy Here:



Here is some information about the authors, their brief expertise,experiences and knowledge that they have to offer. All this, makes it a vital resource and a must have in personal library of all professionals for whom outcomes & timely projects are the steady and rhythmic heartbeat of a vibrant corporate life.

Puneet Kathiala

Puneet is an IT professional with more than a decade of experience in the field of project management. Puneet has numerous educational credentials that lend credence to the book, which includes a global resume and international accreditations like PMP from PMI, CMQ/OE from ASQ, and CGEIT from ISACA. His global resume contains experience of working and leading global complex projects and portfolios, organizational transformation and change initiatives, Quality Management and process improvement. It is with this educational and professional experience in mind that Puneet set about to consolidate the knowledge he had gained in profession into a resource that professionals would find effective in successfully producing the desired outcome for their organizations. Buy Here:

Debasis Das

Debasis is considered an eminent educator and industry leader in his profession, having been in the career of project management for over 4 decades. Debasis Das offers the reader a wealth of expertise and an extensive educational and experiential employment base which includes Project Management in the Defense R & D Organization for armed services of India. Executing projects for international clients such as the GE Corporation in the United States, Hitachi in Japan, as well as working with the Chinese Government. He is currently employed as a consultant and educator of software engineering and project management at an engineering college in India. He has a Master Degree in Computer Science from Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and BS Degree in Electronics and Telecom Engineering Technology from one of the top rated universities in India. Buy Here:

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